(Russian) Propaganda & Disinformation In Ukraine

Partner: Prague Security Studies Institute
Keywords: Ukraine, Russia, Media

More than two years have passed since the outbreak of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea. These events not only challenged the post-Cold War European security order, but also brought the fundamental role of media into sharp focus. Manipulation of information and biased reporting has been a key feature. To what extent has the media landscape changed since Maidan? What kind of challenges are associated with Russian disinformation and does it still play a key role in influencing public opinion? And how can the West and civil societies contribute to overcoming these formidable tasks? 

Among the speakers were:

  • Roman Shutov, Program Director at Detector Media and Telekritika, Kiev, Ukraine (http://www.telekritika.ua/) 
  • Natalia Shuga, Head of the NGO Kharkiv Crisis Infocenter, Kharkov, Ukraine (http://civilforum.com.ua/)
  • Ivan Syniepalov, Head of Gramadske TV of Azov, Mariupol, Ukraine (http://priazov.tv/)

The debate was moderated by Ondřej Soukup, journalist and former Moscow correspondent for the Czech daily Hospodářské Noviny

The event took place in Prague on May 31, 2016 and was organized by the Prague Security Studies Institute in cooperation with the Vaclav Havel Library and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The language of the discussion was English.


Syniepalov Ivan
Mr. Syniepalov was born in Pervomaysk, Luhansk region and graduated from the State University in Mariupol where he studied journalism. In 2012-2013 Mr. Syniepalov was a participant of journalism schools “Founding fathers of EU”, “How to write about energy reform” and “Summer sporting journalism school”. Mr. Syniepalov was a trainee at statewide channel ICTV, has worked at Mariupol television and served as a spokesman for Petro Poroshenko election headquarters in Mariupol. After graduating Mr. Syniepalov co-founded Public TV of Azov – the first independent TV-channel in Mariupol. He speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Kurdiukova Natalia
Natalia Kurdiukova is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, director and co-founder of the independent socio-political media project Nakipelo, which now includes Kharkov Crisis InfoCenter, Youtube-channel Nakipelo, website nakipelo.ua and newspaper "Forum". The project was founded in March 2014, after the dramatic events on the Maidan at a time when events in Kharkiv were beginning. The media project Nakipelo has been independent of political parties, and business organizations and is the only social project of this kind in Kharkov. Ms Kurdiukova was also a director of documentaries about the history of Kharkiv in the early 20th century and during the World War II.

Shutov Roman
Dr. Roman Shutov has a PhD in Political Science. Since 2011, Dr. Shutov produces reviews and analysis of Russian propaganda in Ukraine. He is author of more than 30 scientific and analytical articles, along with the research report “Civic Media in Ukraine” (CCC, 2008), and the first complex research of Russian propaganda in Ukraine (Telekritika, 2015). In 2015, Dr. Shutov participated in the creation of Conception of Information Security of Ukraine. His fields of expertise include psychological influence (propaganda), soft power, national information security, and media reform.


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