Antall József Summer School 2015

Partner: Antall József Knowledge Centre
Event date: Jul 06, 2015 - Jul 17, 2015
Deadline for registering: May 01, 2015
Venue: Antall József Knowledge Centre, Hungary
Category: Other

We aim to provide young participants coming from the V4 countries, the Western Balkan, as well as the Eastern Partnership member states with a cross-border educational programme of high quality that enables them to know more about the most pivotal cooperation of Central Europe. During the twelve days of the event, participants can listen to and attend lectures and seminars in English, which puts under scrutiny the economic, political and cultural relations of the Cooperation, as well as the experiences connected to being an EU member state.

Based on the lectures, the students of the summer school will write an end-of-term test. If the test is passed, those who attended all the lectures and seminars will be given a certificate.

Beyond the transmission of knowledge, our aim is to enhance intercultural dialogue. For this reason, we organise various trips and programmes: Visegrád trip, Multicultural Evening, House of Terror Museum, V4 Game, Film Club, exhibitions, etc.

There is a separate webpage created for the purposes of spreading the news of the summer school more effectively among all the universities of the designated countries. On this webpage, participants have access to all information and have the possibility to directly ask the organisers.

The 2015 instalment of the Antall József Summer School will heavily focus on the relationship between the Visegrad Countries and the Western Balkan states. The year 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, which put an end to the Balkan Wars.



Place and Time of Event: Budapest, 6 to 17 July 2015

Number of Participants: 50 persons

The Summer School is open to all MA and PhD students or graduated researchers between the age of 18–35. Supported countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary.

Registrations from Germany, China, Japan, Russia, USA, Qatar, Kuwait, Norway and the United Kingdom are also welcome; however their travel costs are not covered by the Knowledge Centre.


Application: (1) filling in an online application form; (2) CV and (3) a proof of English knowledge

Participants need to take care of their insurance and travel costs. In addition, they have to pay a registration fee of 80 EUR (Please note that in return for an invoice, the costs of travel for those coming from eligible countries will be reimbursed by the Knowledge Centre).

Costs Included in the Registration Fee:

- participation in the lectures, workshops

- office tools

- accommodation, board

- public transportation

- organised free programmes

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Keywords: Energy Security, Cyber Security, Economic Security, Global Security, Water, Oil and Gas, USA, NATO, Russia, EU, United Nations, Middle East, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Education, V4, Israel, Europe


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