Sustainable Development / Degrowth Economy

Partner: Antall József Knowledge Centre
Event date: Feb 17, 2015 - Feb 12, 2015
Deadline for registering: Feb 12, 2015
Venue: Central European University MB 201, Hungary
Category: Lecture

What is the difference between a sustainable economy and a degrowth economy?

- Intrductory speech by Dr Alan Watt, Head of the CEU Environmental Sciences and Policy Department
- Introduction to Degrowth Economy by Vincent Liegey
- Introduction to Sustainable Economy by Hunter Lovins, live from New York
- Discussion
- QA part
- Reception

Which is the right economic model to advance a sustainable, environmentally conscious future for all of us? What is the role of businesses and how should they react within each of these models? How does life look like in a sustainable and in a degrowht economy?
Our speakers - Hunter Lovins, co-founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, professor of sustainable business management at Bard MBA, New York and Vincent Liegey, co-author of A Degrowth Project - will give an introduction to the topics of their activity and explain how would these models contribute to the general wellbeing, a better future for the next generation!
The lecture will start with a general overview of the topics, followed by the webinar discussion live from New York. The audience is kindly invited to use this exclusive opportunity to ask their questions in order to gain first-hand knowledge on the topic of their interest! At the end of event a small reception will advance a further exchange of ideas between the participants!
#SustainableEconomy #degrowtheconomy #sustainablebusiness

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Keywords: Economic Security, Hungary, Europe


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